4 Simple Steps to Make Your Guest Bedroom Super Chic

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, my house is an old lake cottage so we like to have a bit of fun with the overall design. This year I decided that the guest bedroom needed some sprucing up, so that is exactly what we did! I wanted to share the steps it took to achieve our chic guest bedroom design to give you some inspiration for your own guest bedroom transformation.


Step One: Take a look at the rooms current functionality


Look at things like lighting, paint, drywall, and flooring. Lighting can make a big difference and can help achieve a brighter, modern chic guest bedroom versus one that is dark and dingy. In a lot of cases though, guest bedrooms may not be wired for lighting if they have been built for other uses. 


Our guest bedroom is a smaller dark bedroom with no wired lighting. I wasn’t about to pay an electrician to wire a room that would result in damaged drywall only to rebuild in a few years. My only other option was to make the walls and furniture lighter. Before you begin designing your chic guest bedroom, take note of things like the electrical capabilities before making decisions. 


Step Two: Find your inspiration. 


Find inspiration for your chic guest bedroom and decide on a style. Popular chic designs include modern chic, boho chic, and shabby chic. 


For our guest bedroom, I shopped around at a local consignment store and found an antique painting. The antique painting ended up being the inspiration for the whole room design. Sometimes there is a reason a specific piece draws you in. Listen to that intuition and try to bring out the design elements and colours from that specific piece to make the rest of your design decisions. This design trick can be used for other elements as well if, for instance, you fall in love with a specific rug, bedspread, or piece of artwork. 

In the antique painting, there is a woman wearing a wicker hat picking flowers in a field of vibrant pink flowers. The frame is full of little dents and scratches showing its passage of time. The woman in the painting appears to be from a higher-income family and from an era where vibrant brass design and hints of velvet and curved furniture pieces were popular. They would use ornate brass cutlery, china, light fixtures, and velvet wherever they could.


I knew I wanted to incorporate the feeling of this era into the design of our chic guest bedroom. Because the rest of the house has more of a lake cottage vibe, I dialed down the ornate element with more of a straight line design so that it flowed well with the rest of the home. The pinks and brasses lend themselves to a more feminine look and add to the chic design I was looking to achieve. 



Step Three: Tackle areas in the room that need to be changed


Simple fixes like painting the walls and swapping out the flooring can make a big difference to help you achieve a chic guest bedroom.


Instead of just painting the walls, I installed board and batten strips on top of the existing walls. This is a great inexpensive option to elevate the design of your home. I painted the walls with Georgia Pink 2092-60 from Benjamin Moore and lightened it by 25% so the room would be that much brighter.  I knew the original Georgia Pink would be a bit too dark for this room since the element of light was not on our side, but lightening it by 25% made it the perfect colour for the space. 




This is a great trick you can do if you find a colour you love at a paint store but find it too dark. Chat with the staff at the store and tell them what you are looking for. Even better, go to the paint store with pictures from your chic guest bedroom inspiration board.



Step Four: Add the finishing touches


Once you have found your inspiration and upgraded where necessary, elevate the design of your chic guest bedroom with accessories and decor elements. Stick to one theme, whether it’s shabby chic, modern chic or boho. Look at the furniture you already have in your guest bedroom, and see if you can transform it into something that matches the style you are going for.


For our chic guest bedroom, I found a marble and brass cabinet knob at a really stylish living store called Alchemy located Downtown Kelowna for only $8. This cabinet knob elevated the design of our side table, bringing the old curvature and new elements together. I found a straight-lined antique brass bed frame with just enough heritage detail in it at a local consignment store and couldn’t resist not buying it as it was perfect for the room. The vibrant brass detail in the knob, bed frame, lamp, and door hardware was inspired by the antique art piece. The velvet trim detail on the bedspread was another antique element brought into place.



There you have it!  That is how I transformed our dark guest bedroom into a super chic feminine guest bedroom. I hope this gives you some inspiration to redesign your guest bedroom! Feel free to email me for any questions info@thsheddesign.com. XO

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